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Title The Uncle's Dog
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The Uncle's Dog

My first time was when I was 15. Yet I have been masturbating before, I did not have sex with anyone before. It happened during the summer holidays. I went to my uncle for a few weeks like I used to do every year. My uncle works from 9am till 5pm, so I have been left alone in his house very often. I was usualy watching TV all the time, and played with myself once or twice a day.
One time, when I was masturbating I noticed that my uncles dog, which my uncle left home (he usualy was taking his dog to work), was looking at me, so I stopped rubbing myself, put my panties on ant went to the dog to close him in my uncles room. When I tried to move the dog he just started to growl not wanting to go. So I tried to lead him food, but he was too smart for this, he just didn't go! And then I got a crazy Idea. Why don't try to lead him using myself as a bait. So I went to my uncle's room, got my panties off and got on all fours. I did not think the dog to act so rapidly. He just ran into the room and jumped on me not leaving me the time to do anything. I tried to get up, but he was too heavy (he was a mix between a rotweiler and a boxer). As i tried to get him of me he just started to hump, luckily he didn't enter me yet but he was close to doing it. I yelled at him, but he did not listen he was just humping me! And then I felt something hit my pussy. It was his dick.
It didn't enter me, it just touched me. I panicked and used all my strenght and tried to move him of me, but he stayed on top of me and kept on humping. I was mad now, his dick thouched me few mor times and then it just entered me. The enterance was easy, cause I was still wet from my masturbation, and his dick filled me to the brink. I screamed, but not of pain. I screamed of pure pleasure. Now I didn't want him to get of me. He started to pound me quicker and quicker. And I was begging him to fuck me harder! His fucking was so pleasant that I started to orgasm. My body was quivering and my pussy started to squeez the whole lenght of hi dick, what caused him to fill me even deeper. And then he started to cum his dick was pumping his hot seemen into my body. After filling me up he just jumped off me, but his dick didn't go out! We were locked (then I didn't know anything about a dogs anatomy). I tried to puul it out but it did'n go out. I panicked! I thought about being locked for the rest of my life.
And when I thought about calling my uncle his dick just slipped out of me. I was the happiest person on earth then and from this day I wasn't masturbating any more. I didn't have to!