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Title I Fucked My Daughter
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I Fucked My Daughter

My name is Daniel and this is the story of how I fucked my 13-year-old daughter.
My wife and I were divorced for over 8 months, and my daughter was living with her mother, but she would come and stay with me for the weekends. I started to realize how good looking she was becoming, growing up to be a beautiful woman, and that thought started to turn me on. When she would come to my house, I used to fool around with her, grabbing her and pushing her close to my body, as if I was playing, but that would give me a huge hard-on, I had to jerk off in the bathroom.
One day I was in a hurry to go to the bathroom and I opened the door without knocking, and she was completely naked, getting ready to take a shower. When I looked at her body, I was stunned! She had a beautiful, round ass, nice pre-teen tits, already showing but not fully developed, and her legs were the prettiest legs I'd ever seen. I had such an enormous hard-on, I closed the door and left for the other bathroom to jerk off. That's when I decided I was going to fuck her!!
On the next day, there was a huge rain, and I left the window in her room opened, so it was all wet. I told her she would have to sleep in my room for that night.
She was wearing only a big T-shirt and panties to sleep, she was looking wonderful! I waited til she was asleep, then I went and locked the door, then I sat beside her in the mattres and started touching her legs, then her ass and finaly her tits. I pulled her T-shirt up and gently pulled her panties off, revealing her blond pussy-hairs. I took my boxers off and started to masturbate as I touched her pussy. That's when she woke up, asking me what I was doing. I told her to lay still, I wasn't going to hurt her, and kissed her pussy. She pulled away and told me to stop, but I was too far gone and I held her and finished taking her shirt off. There she was, completely naked and terrified. That drove me nuts, so I pinned her to the mattres and started kissing her whole body, then I stuck one finger in her pussy and saw that she was a virgin. I then put the tip of my cock on her pussy and pushed in. She started crying, but I rammed in harder and harder, till I poped her cherry, then I kept fucking her. It was the tightest pussy I'd ever fucked!!! I couldn't believe it!! I was fucking my own 13-year-old daughter!! It was too much!! She was crying, telling me to stop, it was hurting, but I wouldn't stop now, no way, rammed my cock even deeper and harder and I started sucking on her tits, biting them and sucking harder as I rammed my cock deeper and harder. I grabbed her ass and pulled her up so I would fuck her harder.
I pulled out of her pussy, turned her around and bent her over the bed, then rammed in her pussy from behind. She was sobbing and whispering now, as I grabbed her tits and fucked her from behind!!
As I was about to cum, I didn't want to get her pregnant, so I pulled out of her pussy and told her to suck it. She was so stunned that she just opened her mouth and I pushed my cock in all the way, then after two or thre strokes I came in her mouth, on her face and on her tits.
After that, I took her to the bathroom to clean us up, then went back to bed.
I fucked her again all through that weekend, and she never said a word to her mother or anyone else.
I kept having her over for another 5 years, and I even fucked her a couple more times, but she is married now and I miss her so much!!!