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Title My Sweet Little Sister
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My Sweet Little Sister

I have a 12 years old sister called Anna. She is a beautiful young girl, starting to develop into a woman. I always had a fantasy about fucking her, since she was 8.
The first time I did anything to her was when she was 10. Our parents went out and left me babysitting her. So I went into her room while she was sleeping and started touching her ass and legs, then into her pants and touched her hairless pussy! I went nuts and started masturbating right there, till I came all over her legs.
After that night, I started fooling around with her every time our parents were not around. It went like this , till she turned 12.
One time, our parents were going to be away for the weekend, and left me taking care of Anna. I told myself this time I was gonna get some out of her.
When she was taking a shower, I went in the bathroom. She said: Jeff, get out, I'm taking a shower!" I looked straight at her face, then scanned her body from top to bottom; she had a nice, firm, round ass, beautiful legs, just a little bit of hair on her young, tender, virgin pussy, and a small but tasty pair of tits; it gave me an gigantic hardon, so I just said: "I have to take a piss" and pulled my hard cock out, making shure she could see it hard, and started to piss.
I waited outside the bathroom for her to finish, and when she came out, wearing only a towel, I grabbed her from behind and told her to be quiet. I then pulled her towel off her, leaving her naked in front of me. I pulled her close to me and whispered in her ear: "Just do as I say, and everything will be alright!"
She was crying as I took her to my room and thrown her on the bed. I Unzipped my pants and pulled them out, showing my dick to her.
"Well, little sister, now I want you to suck my dick, and if you're good at it, maybe I'll let you go after I'm done"
She was crying and ssaying no, please, don't, but I took her head and forced my dick into her mouth. I couldn't believe I was forcing my little sister to suck my dick! I almost came right there, just by thinking of this, but I held onto it a little bit, then flooded her little mouth with my cum.
She was choking and crying at the same time, but I wasn't done yet. I laid her on the bed and started grabbing her tits, squeezing her nipples till she screamed in pain! I then started sucking, kissing and biting them while fingering her pussy.
I moved down through her body, till I was sucking her virgin pussy, eating my own 12 yrs old sister!!!
My dick was hard as a rock again, so I laid on top of her and forced her legs opened, putting the tip of my cock on her pussy-entrance, I stopped and whispered in her ear: "Sis, I'm gonna fuck your brains out, and you better be nice and do as tell you, or I'm gonna punish you hard!"
She just moaned in response. As I started sticking my cock in her she realized what was going on and screamed for me to stop, but instead I rammed my dick al the way into her, popping her cherry and making her scream so loud I had to slap her in the face so she would stop.
I was fucking her like crazy, thrusting my cock deep inside her pussy, his head touching her womb. I then pulled it out, took her to the side of the bed, made her bend over the edge of the bed and fucked her pussy from behind. She was crying and moaning all the time and there was blood stains on the sheets, but I wouldn't stop now.
As I fucked her pussy from that position, I started fingering my sister's ass, and decided I had to fuck it. I pulled my dick out of her pussy and put his head tip on the entrance of my sister's asshole, then I forced my way in.
She screamed in pain and tried to fight against it, but I kept forcing in, Jesus, she was tight in that hole!! She finally pased out, then I was able to get it all the way in, when she woke up, I had my whole dick inside her ass and moving in and out like crazy, after a few minutes, I grabbed her tits, pushed my dick all the way into her ass and came! Loads and loads of hot cum filled my sister's rectum.
I stayed inside her till my dick softened, then I pulled it out, and took her to the shower. We bathed and I told her we were going to sleep together in mom and dad's bed.
I fucked her pussy once more that night and still four more times over the weekend. She never said a word to our parents, and I still fuck her and we sleep together every time our parents go out!