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Posting Date 2009-09-06 22:00:02
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Title I fucked my Niece
Category experienced incest
Where it happend home
Age then 16
Age now 24
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I fucked my Niece

Now I was 16 and not a virgin , I enjoyed love with my neighbour Jenny as well as with my boyfriend but wasn’t a girl fancier . Jenny and I had sort of taught each other all we knew , and we were each other’s sex test bed . This helped us know where to touch and what to do . I was one of five kids but the eldest were twenty + when I was born , so really I grew as one of three My eldest Sister was twenty two and brother 21 , followed by a sister twelve and a brother ten at my birth . I once heard the oldest sister , when I was young refer to me as Mum’s late in life mistake , and the eldest brother agreeing . Fuck you I thought .

Mum was always pretty strict with me and the first warning was verbal , the second a single slap across my calves , and the third and final warning a panties down over the knee spanking . The humiliation factor of that , is , it was often in front of others , I was then made to stand against the wall ,bare bum on show until Mum calmed down .
My eldest sister had produced my first niece a year after I was born , and I think resented the fact that I took attention away from her precious little Primrose Kaitlin . Now this child was spoilt , she was overweight , precocious , and a class one shit like her mother .
This kid said I want and her mother and mine gave it to her . Well we have a family engagement party , just family as my second sister is about to be engaged to a local guy she had met at University , and I have just past my thirteenth birthday , Primrose , by now twelve was a shit of the first order and wanted , ice cream , chocolate , attention , my dolls everything that she wanted she got and the spoilt bitch knew that I was under a much tighter regime and had a good but controlled up bringing . Mum thought that as Dad could give me most of what I wanted I should learn to not want as it would make me a better person . This didn’t apply to the fat granddaughter as she just asked , cried and was given in to .

Scene set , fat niece asked for cake and I was sent to get it , this child needed cake like a dog needs two dicks there are two sorts of cake in the kitchen , I return fat bitch wanted the other one , I get sent to get it and return the first , I get back and miss wobbly belly wanted cream on it so I get told to go and get her cream , I rebel and refuse to be the bitch’s servant and receive a warning , I still refuse and receive a slap across both calves , I say Fuck you and panties come down and I get across Mum’s knee and spanked . jeans and panties around my ankles I am sent to face the wall . My two sisters and eldest brother are in the room as is mum’s brother , my uncle who is positioned so he saw every hair on my pussy as I got my beating , and I know the dirty old bastard looked right at me . Miss Primrose Kaitlin Princess , smirked at every stripe I got . After ten minutes of cooling my ass to a room full of people I get asked by mum if I want to apologise to the living blancmange , and said simply I would rather have another smack . I don’t get that but at five in the evening I am sent to my room . I lay in bed in my nightie , and I know that I am there for the night . I thrash my pussy till I fall asleep still smarting at the smacking and drift right off .

I have the fat brat as a room- mate for the weekend , and at about eleven she falls into the room and strips off , she doesn’t use the shower or wash , and you cannot see her pussy for an apron of fat belly that has fallen over it to hide her pussy from view . She flops on the spare bed and starts to finger herself . I reach into the bedside drawer , find my new Sony camera that works silently at zero Lux , and get a whole film of fat nieces cumming and licking her juicy fingers . If you have had one of these Sony cameras the monochrome image isn’t great , but you don’t need to be a genius to work out who it is .

Breakfast I apologise for swearing at Mum , fat kid is still obnoxious ., but her departure is tomorrow . I then have to get a lecture from an older sister on how perfect the fat kid is , how she does no wrong . How she can even make the sun shine out of her ample ass . We go back up stairs to change , and I show fat kid my new wank movie . She cries , and begs that I don’t show it ever again , she would get killed , apparently she always gets smacks . like I get , she is always in trouble her mum has no time for her , she eats because she has no friends , and now I have a whole porno starring her . I play miss Cool and tell her I will think about deleting it but she better be the best friend I never had starting now . She is she does fetching and carrying for me , she gives in , and I realise that she is actually a scared kid , and that my eldest sister has the maternal instinct of a cuckoo . I look at her in a new light and realise that she is a pretty girl who has been allowed to grow too many chins . so I do make real friends with her . Engagement party over we are back in doors by eleven thirty and back in my room . I have a king size bed and invite her to join me from the camp bed she had been given , Her parents , may uncle , and others having filled all the other rooms . Do you mind if I do it she asked , I can’t sleep unless I rub it she whimpered . Want me to help I suggested and started to thrash my fingers in her quite large wet fleshy hole . Her tits were quite large , I suspect more fat than tit though . As I had her shaking she reached out and took my tits in her mouth and gave my hard nipples a serious sucking , her tong working the end of each in turn , and after she shortened her breath and started sweating profusely she Slipped two fingers into my wet slit as I enjoyed the biggest boobies that I had seen . So in twenty four hours we had gone from Arch rivals to bosom buddies .

We after that used to talk on the phone regularly and we shared a few secrets too . She gained confidence , and as I realised that I was her first real friend I truly felt humble . I had misjudged her parents ignorance for hers . Taught me a lot that weekend . She stopped the next summer for three weeks whilst eldest sister and husband yachted with friends in the Caribbean .
She joined in with Jenny and I in all our games and she had lost tonnes of weight to which she thanked me as she had had one friend cake , and she swapped cake for me . I put it down to my low fat pussy , and the fact that I cared , unlike my sister who is a bit self centred . So I fucked my niece . A bit tamer than the usual I fucked my niece stories here .

She still retained huge tits though and when Jenny and I were praying for a shift from 32A to 34 B she was a good 36C . And had huge nipples . We sucked and rubbed them for hours between us , and those huge knockers were such a source of fascination to Jenny and I that I am surprised we didn’t wear them down a size . We had a favourite game , Primrose would get on all fours . lift her top and bra and we would lie under her sucking her tits . Jenny and I would also finger Primrose together and it was odd to feel fingers in someone’ ass whilst you felt their pussy . In return we would lay on top of each other face to face and she would lick both of us together .
This is a story I wanted to remind myself of , when I was wrong to judge without knowing all the story

Love Lynne